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About Us

How often have you seen old cars just sitting in someone’s driveway, falling apart and leaking fluids into the soil? Auto salvage is a very important part of our world, but auto parts salvage is often behind the scenes. If you are looking for specific car parts, you will find them much cheaper from a salvage yard.

With nearly 95% of the 12 million vehicles that are retired from the road each year being recycled, you can find everything from performance parts to body replacement panels at low prices. We essentially serve as an auto parts warehouse, offering you access to dozens of salvage yards and their car parts. Wholesale prices can’t match the savings you’ll find here. And the best part? You can easily search for your part in seconds with our auto parts locator.

Recycling cars isn’t just about saving money, though. It prevents oil and other toxic fluids from being left to drain into the soil and helps make up nearly half of the recycled metal in this country. It’s good for your wallet, your car, and your planet.

If you’ve been looking for car parts wholesale, keep in mind that by buying auto salvage parts you can actually pay a fraction of the price that you would in a regular auto parts warehouse. For performance parts and other auto parts, salvage yards are the best way to go, particularly if the car parts you need are for older vehicles.

What We do in Our Auto Parts Warehouse

The automotive industry plays a necessary and crucial role in the efficient, ecological disposal of inoperable motor vehicles. Although sometimes known as auto salvage dealers, professional automotive recyclers deal strictly in the recycling of motor vehicles such as domestic and foreign automobiles, light and heavy duty trucks.

From the earliest days of motorized travel, automotive recyclers have been leaders. These entrepreneurs developed a disassembly process for salvages automobiles in order to reclaim reusable parts and components. For more than 75 years automotive recyclers have been providing local employment, consumer service, and environmental conservation, worldwide.

Automotive recycling serves a vital role in preserving natural resources and reducing the demand for scarce landfill space. For example, each year approximately 95 percent of vehicles retired from use are processed for recycling. The recycling of these vehicles saves an estimated 85 million barrels of oil that would have been used in the manufacturing of new or replacement parts. Additional energy and resource conservation is realized by recycling rebuildable “core” parts to the automotive parts rebuilding industry.

In addition to conserving natural resources, automotive recycling plays an important role in reducing air and water pollution, and solid waste generation. Automotive recyclers must abide by stringent local and national regulations on dealing with waste generated by salvaged automobiles. Many individual automotive recyclers have also instituted their own unique programs to further reduce the potential effects of harmful materials to their business and communities.

Automotive recycling has evolved into a sophisticated market and technology driven industry that constantly changes to keep abreast of innovations in automotive technology and manufacturing techniques. Rather than merely crushing wrecked, abandoned, and mechanically disabled motor vehicles, today’s modern recycling facilities have a definitive operational scheme that maximizes the vehicles true market value, all the while providing an economic and environmental benefit to the community.

In a typical modern recycling business, inoperative motor vehicles are brought into a facility where the hazardous and recyclable fluids are properly drained. Undamaged parts are then dismantled from the vehicle, cleaned, tested, inventoried, and stored in a auto parts warehouse until sold. The remaining vehicle hulk is then prepared for scrapping.

Automotive recyclers are a valuable source for economical and often hard to find used motor vehicle replacement parts. Professional auto recyclers use a computer and newer technology that enables for direct inventory assessment between salvage yards. This technology allows recyclers to maximize their inventories and provide quick and efficient service to their customers.

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